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Society is changing and this change is impacting directly on business and the corporate world. Transformation is vital for the future of business. BIZBARCELONA will help SMEs and entrepreneurs to transform and become more competitive in the changing world we live in.


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At BIZBARCELONA, you will find solutions in four areas to embark on this digital journey.

New trends

Here you will find inspiration. It is the space for knowledge and reflection. Leading speakers from all fields reflect and contribute their expertise on transformation and the recent social, technological, economic and business trends.

Services for business and for social economy projects

Entrepreneurs and SMEs will find guidance for the creation and growth of their business.

Tools for digitalisation

Do you need help to successfully address the digital transformation of your business? Here you will find the key concepts that will help you.


A great opportunity to make your commercial franchise network grow in the Catalan market, one of the biggest and most active in Spain. Franchisors will find new franchisees and entrepreneurs will find established brands that will allow them to get their business project off the ground with fewer risks.


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Talks and discussions

Trends and experiences from a personal viewpoint

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highlighted speakers

  • Silvia Leal

    The impact of robotics and artificial intelligence on our personal and professional lives

    There are few people more qualified to speak about the present technological transformation than Silvia Leal. She is an expert in e-leadership, digital transformation and innovation, an advisor to the European Commission on digital skills and director of some of its technology programmes. She has also been included in the Top 100 Women as one of Spain's most influential experts. She will make all her knowledge available to the audience at her lecture at BIZBARCELONA, which will put the spotlight on robotics and artificial intelligence. She will reflect on how these innovations will affect the daily lives of people and companies.

  • Carlos Latre and Pablo Lara

    Entertainment for organisational change and innovation

    Combining their communication skills and entrepreneurial expertise, Carlos Latre and Pablo Lara will give a talk about business needs within the framework of the communication century and new technologies. They will also explain how entertainment can be used to transform an organisation and win new, loyal customers by applying a more horizontal, approachable market vision.

    Carlos Latre is as versatile in life as he is on the stage. One of Spain's most popular showmen, he is best known for his ability to imitate a huge range of people from public life. When the spotlights are turned off, Latre transforms into an entrepreneur and CEO of the technology company Inteknio.

    Pablo Lara is professor at the Open University of Catalonia, holds a doctorate from Pompeu Fabra University, and is a business consultant and entrepreneur. He has been a partner in the creation of companies specialising in disruptive online learning, the geolocation experience, entertainment technology, gaming experience and Big Data, such as, or

  • Leyre Olavarria

    The connected vehicle, steering wheel connectivity and future trends

    The automotive industry has undergone a dramatic technological transformation in recent years, and it is just the beginning. In future years, this transformation will continue, hastened by the arrival of the connected vehicle, a car that can run without keys, without rear-view mirrors and, in the future, even without a driver. Leyre Olavarria, Infotainment and Connected Car Manager at SEAT, will explain the basic concepts for understanding where the future of the car is headed and what the cars on our roads will look like in a few years' time.

  • Andy Stalman

    The keys to developing a great brand in the digital era

    Andy Stalman is one of the world's top specialists in branding, the term used for personal or corporate brand strategies. In fact, his reputation has earned him the nickname of Mr Branding. At BIZBARCELONA, Stalman will outline the process for creating a high-value brand in the digital era, one that is capable of setting itself apart from the competition and positioning itself as an industry leader. To carry out this process, it will need Brandketing, a concept created by Stalman that combines branding and marketing. This is how he defines it: ‘Branding by itself has no voice, and Marketing has no soul, so it is important that they work in an integrated and collaborative way.'

  • José María Gay de Liébana

    Economic environment and trends

    He is one of Spain's best known economists thanks to his ability to explain economics in a way that is incisive, instructive and easy to understand. In his distinctive style, he will analyse the present economic environment and identify the trends that may mark the most immediate future. José María Gay de Liébana holds PhDs in Economics and Law and he is professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at the University of Barcelona. He also features regularly in the media as an observer of current economic affairs.

  • Genís Roca

    Digital transformation and self-employment, challenges and opportunities

    Founder and president of the consulting firm RocaSalvatella, Genís Roca is an expert in how the digital transformation is affecting personal, professional and business environments, and an acknowledged specialist in digital strategy, environment analysis and presence models. With his clear-sighted gaze, he is able to provide many answers to the innumerable questions raised by the digital transformation currently taking place in society. ‘We are immersed in the deployment of disruptive technology that is not only transforming business but society itself,' he says. In his talk, he will try to explain where these changes are headed. Accumulating more than 25 years' experience in the creation of Internet projects, business management and exploring the potential of networks, in 2013 and 2014, he was rated one of the 25 most influential Spaniards on Internet by the newspaper El Mundo for his ability to interpret technological and socioeconomic changes.

  • Melchor de Palau Rovira

    The value of integrating something new

    'It's not what you sell, it's how you sell it.' This is one of Melchor de Palau's maxims. e-Commerce is and will be the main means of increasing customer loyalty, both for small businesses and for market leaders. Either you're different or you die on the price line. Melchor de Palau will give us a bird's-eye view of the current state of affairs of online commerce. e-Commerce manager at Comercia Global Payments, a CaixaBanc group company that manages services for retail businesses, he is an early adopter, an anti-guru and an enthusiast of Internet-based business models.

  • Francisco Polo

    The challenge of social economy enterprises

    The presentation looks back over his career to show how he resolved the dichotomy between business and having a positive impact on the world thanks to social entrepreneurship. He will cover the period from the foundation of the platform Actuable to his current intention to make Spain a paradise for talent. Francisco Polo is a social entrepreneur who, throughout his professional life, has managed to take the best aspects of business and put them to work under the mission of a social organisation, such as in his time as Country Director in Spain for (2011-2017). He is currently working on his next project with which he hopes to express a new vision of the future of the Spanish economy based on developing talent through education, science and enterprise.

  • Jay Rao

    Culture eats open innovation for breakfast

    Open innovation is a management model in which companies cooperate with other companies instead of developing ideas using internal resources. Jay Rao will explain how the culture industry is using this system to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. He teaches Strategy and Innovation at Babson College (Boston). His research and consulting interests focus on: Innovation Strategies, Implementation of Innovation and Scalability, Innovation and Growth Strategies, Service Strategies and Innovation of the Customer Experience, and Corporate Entrepreneurship. He is also a member of Dícere, a consulting firm specialized in innovation and people.


Albert Castellana

Chair at Atraura Blockchain and Blockchain & Innovation Specialist


Txell Costa

Youtuber and marketing and business creation consultant


José María Gay de Liébana

Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at the University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona

Pablo Lara

​Professor​, ​business consultant and entrepreneur


Carlos Latre

Business owner, producer, actor, showman and entrepreneu


Silvia Leal

Expert and advisor to the European Comission in e-leadership, digital transformation and innovation

Comision Europea

Leyre Olavarria

Infotainment and Connected Car Manager at SEAT


Melchor de Palau Rovira

e-Commerce BD Director at Comercia Global Payments (CaixaBank)


Josep Miquel Piqué

President of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP)


Francisco Polo

Social entrepreneur and founder of Actuable - Director of Spain (2011-2017)


Jay Rao

Professor of Strategy and Innovation in Babson College

Babson College

Genís Roca

President at RocaSalvatella and expert in digital transformation


Andy Stalman

Branding specialist and the author of the best sellers books BRANDOFFON and HUMANOFFON


Mª Ángeles Tejada Barrio

CEO at General Public Affairs Randstat España


Jordi Urbea

General Manager at Ogilvy One Barcelona



Xavier Verdaguer

Entrepreneur and founder at Imagine Creativity Center

Imagine Creativity Center

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