Networking and cooperation activities

A great opportunity to make contacts

Face-to-face activities to promote interaction, generate business contacts and take advantage of synergies.

Networking activities

4 June, Networking Area 1, Hall 1

Networking Agents & Brokers

10.00am - 14.00pm

Multisectoral platform contacts that allow all visitors, both entrepreneurs and businesses have the opportunity to exchange experiences allowing participants to choose their contacts by sectors.

Language: Catalan


Cluster wood, forniture, habitat

15.00pm - 17.00pm

Meeting of wood, furniture and living space design and related companies, so that they might exchange viewpoints, expertise and roles in the major structural projects in Catalonia which we are promoting and in which we are involved: El Bosc és Viu i Ric [The Woods are Alive and Full of Riches], Semana de la Madera [Wood Week], Barcelona World and the Catalan REE (Building Energy Efficiency Renovation) Strategy, among others.

Language: Catalan


4 June, Networking Area 2, Palau de Congressos

Synergies in the food industry

10.00am - 12.00pm

The activity aims at building links and business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the food industry and corporate advisory services, financing and ICT collaborating BizBarcelona.


Language: Catalan



Win-Win Sessions

12.00pm - 14.00pm

Through brief meetings between entrepreneurs, the session aims to identify new business opportunities and get constructive feedback focused on improving and resolving doubts and challenges posed by entrepreneurs.

Language: Catalan


Create businesses by responding to challenges

16.00pm - 18.00pm

Organized by Barcelona Activa, the main objective of SynergyS is to establish the necessary synergies between large exhibitors as well as industry drivers that present challenges looking to be met with other companies in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

The direct exchange of views and ideas creates the right conditions to generate business opportunities between related companies. SynergyS is a major networking event that opens the door to creating new businesses by responding to business challenges.

Language: Catalan


5 June, Networking Area 1, Hall 1

Matchings Reempresa

10.00 am - 2.00 pm

Business transfer networking area. Come to know companies and business owneres that are looking for potential sellers!

Language: Catalan

Fitting the key parts of your network

3.00 am - 5.00 pm

From a Puzzle "giant" we will create our own network networking. Forming groups of 4 people joining their parts, they will introduce themselves and then they will introducing to other groups.

Language: Catalan and Spanish

5 June, Networking Area 2, Palau de Congressos

La innovación tecnológica en la industria del textil y del turismo

10.00am - 12.00pm

A dialogue between two sectors in growth, ICTs, Innovation+ICTs and entrepreneurship, with three successful cases told by its protagonists.



Language: Catalan

Networking a través del Juego del Rubic

12.00pm - 2.00pm

The objective is to hold a dynamic activity that raises awareness of the added value that platforms and co-working spaces provide. These spaces' professionals and mentoring and consultancy resources have reconfigured the job market.

Language: Catalan

La Colmena: effective networking

5.00pm - 7.00pm

Get valuable contacts to grow your business and learn the 3 secrets of the best networkers. La Colmena is a fun, short and different networking game. Get better results with less effort, and create a powerful network.

Language: Spanish

5 June, Carpa Plaça Univers


6.00pm - 7.00pm

BLE Barcelona Loves Entrepreneurs will take the AfterBLe to BizBarcelona. It will be 1 hour of informal networking and open mic every afternoon during the BizBarcelona. It is an afterwork event for entrepreneurs where they can pitch their projects and ideas as they meet new people.

Language: Spanish

Palau de Congressos, Level 0

Speed Networking

4 - 5 June, Palau de Congressos, level 0
10:30am, 12:30pm, 15:00pm and 17:00pm

Registration at the door

This networking activity allows participants to effectively increase their professional contact network, capture new customers or partners and create a personal and corporate brand.

Palau de Congressos, Level 1

Video Pitch

A space that allows entrepreneurs and businesspeople to create their own presentation videos, advised by a team of consultants.

Palau de Congressos, Level 0

The Wall "El Mur"

This is a place where companies and entrepreneurs can get their name out there with their ads, cards, photographs, posters, etc. The last edition recorded up to 3,200 impacts on the wall from all kinds of sectors.

Barcelona Mentoring Program

Ceremony organised by Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, to mark the close of the programme, based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, providing advice from prestigious directors and executives for a small, select group of companies.

Palau de Congressos, Level 0


Biz Innovation Library

FNAC, at BizBarcelona

The trade show has a prestigious new feature: FNAC will be managing the Biz Innovation Library in Hall 5 of the Montjuïc venue, where books on economics and business from this culture-oriented store's extensive catalogue will be sold.

Various authors from the field of economics and business are scheduled to visit  the Biz Innovation Library to present and sign their books during the show.

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